John Douglas FAIA has crafted a practice that reflects his passion for the design of buildings and their sites. A common thread in his work has been the desire to build upon the lessons and delights left by a previous generation of architects.

Projects such as the Heard Museum, the Desert Botanical Garden, the New Times Building, Arizona State University's Old Main renovation, and many others, directly address John's process of creating new cultural artifacts within the context of our place and time.

The impact of John's architectural work has reached the floor of the United States Senate, where a Congressional Commendation was read into the Record citing John Douglas' "..notable achievements in architecture that have brought positive national attention to Arizona.“ Eighty- five design awards, with over twenty of those from AIA components, offer testimony to the excellence of John's built work.

John's notable and well published body of work was noticed by the Charles Moore Foundation, resulting in an invitation to present at their annual symposium in Austin, Texas. His presentation was met with enthusiasm and a further invitation to author an article for 'Places', titled "Desert in the City". John's work has appeared in over 300 books, journals, and newspaper articles. Notable national publications include Architectural Record, Landscape Architecture, Places, Preservation, as well as books such as 'Under the Sun', and 'Designing the Future'.

John has excelled as a spokesperson for the profession. Both the Discovery Channel, and HGTV, have produced nationally televised documentaries on John's projects in Arizona. Notably, the one hour production of "Pueblo", which traces adobe settlements from pre-history to present day, has become a useful educational resource.

Annually, over two million people visit, and are touched by John's work. He has been entrusted with planning and architectural work for several of the Southwest's most notable cultural institutions. Some, like the Heard Museum, and the Desert Botanical Garden are international destinations. Others, like the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, and Old Main at Arizona State University, are local treasures that give meaning to living in the Sonoran Desert.